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Kid overload

Four Dads twelve kids and a Gramma at the movies. Yes we're crazy.

Peace & Quiet

Dad: Kids staying at Gramma's for the weekend? Kind of weird not yelling at anyone in the morning!

Just eat it

Grandma: Did you like the breakfast I made?
Granddaughter: Yes! I just didn't want to eat it.

Glam Gloss

Gramma: What's that on your eyebrows??
Daughter: Lip gloss! My face was dry!

Grant Me Wishes!

(Pointing to a man in a turban)

Granddaughter: Gramma, why is that man dressed like a Genie?

You'll Go Down in History

Daughter: Gramma when were you born?
Gramma: 1942
Daughter: Isn't that when Columbus sailed the ocean blue?

Home Repair

Daughter: It's hairy down there in the heating vent.
Gramma: How do you know?
Daughter: *rips the vent off the floor* See?!?