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I wonder how many more years I'll still be carrying sleeping kids upstairs.

My daughter says that one of her classmates looks British. Not sure what that means?

At the zoo an old woman in a wheelchair told my daughter that the camel's humps were made of fat, just like her boobies!

Acts of God

During every big storm: Yes I'm sure our house is not going to get blown away. No we're not going to get struck by lightning or get flooded.

CSI At Home

Someone left a sunscreen hand print on the wall.

Time to line up the usual suspects and see whose hand fits the crime

The barbie channels

Wow. On demand has an entire category for Barbie movies.

Raking water

Sometimes cleaning the house is like trying to push water uphill with a rake.

Get lost cupid!

One of the boys in my dauther's class made a valentine ONLY FOR THE GIRLS of him making a kiss face and hearts floating in the sky.

He is now officially BLACKLISTED.

Does God cover data plans?

Mom, can you send text messages to people that are in heaven?

Shoe drama

My teenage 8 year old was crying over losing her favorite pair of socks, and is now giddy over how much she loves her new dress shoes. Wow.

Kid overload

Four Dads twelve kids and a Gramma at the movies. Yes we're crazy.