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Mom: What lives under the sea? Son: an Orca? (No simple "fish" answer for my son!)

Weird Beard

Daughter: Daddy are you going to shave your beard? Because you will look weird when you trick or treat!

Too young for that stamp

My eight year old daughter came home today with a fake tattoo that "some boy" put on her lower back!

Oldest trick in the book

Dad: A girl playing on the computer this morning totally batted her eyes with a shy smile at my son and asked him for help. He fell for it, just like his Dad always did.

No tagbacks

Son: Mom, I was playing tag with my friend, so I'm "IT" until recess on Monday.

Playland woes

Younger daughter: Does this McDonald's have a playland?
Older daughter: No, but it's better that way. For THEM anyways.

Got the mumps?

Dad: Grumpy and mad mixed together is Mumpy!

Chocolate milk

One time when I was using my breast pump, my daughter came up and asked if I could make chocolate milk!!!