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At least it's not a tattoo!

Mom: Whats all over your arms?? Daughter: Stencil drawings with marker that MIGHT come off!

Under the Sea

Dad: Watching little mermaid now I'm totally on King Triton's side.

Skinny surfers

Mom: Watching "Soul Surfer" and my daughter says "Fat people can't surf" The things kids learn from the movies

Wendy Lady

Daughter: Mommy that Peter Pan is a silly boy
Mom: You're a silly girl
Daughter: You're a silly boy Mommy. (Insert immense giggles here), No, I'm just kidding Mommy, you a girl.

Princesses of Pop?

Daughter: the Disney princesses aren't real, but I saw a real princess on a magazine once! Mom: Do you remember her name? Daughter: Ummm I think it was Michael Jackson?

Oh Baby

Daddy: Why can't you stop wiggling?? Daughter: (shouting) I've just got that Justin Bieber song stuck in my head and I can't stop dancing!!!

Happy ARGH new year!

A parent's new year: Went to change the automatic cat litter boxes only to discover that it has eaten the plastic bag, so I had to take it apart the whole thing covered in filth.
One daughter woke up sick and barfing, and the other daughter peed her bed.
When I was doing laundry for the barf and pee soaked sheets, a wipey fell into the utility tub and clogged it. So when the washer emptied it flooded the laundry room. Barf water went pouring into the basement. AAGGGHH