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Who let the stinks out

Son: I'm closing the bathroom door so no stinks get into our rooms!

Cut it out

(at a pizza place)
Son: Daddy don't cut the cheese!
Mom: Your son is wise beyond his years!

Bow Wow Brains

Daughter: Mommy if our dog's brains fall out will he turn bad?
Mom: No honey, and his brains can't just fall out.
Daughter: What if we shaved off all of his fur?

Resistance is futile

After delivering a nicely folded basket of laundry for my daughter to
put away, I turned back to see her picking them up and shaking them to
unfold them before stuffing them into her drawers!

Shake it baby

Son: Daddy when I sit to go potty then I have to wipe and then
stand up and shake it!

Very Merry

Daughter: Daddy when we go to the mall can I ride a horsey on the Miracle

Lights Out

My daughter is so determined to be the one to turn off her bedroom
light at night that if I turn it off first she will walk over, turn it
on again and off again!