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Rainbow Bath

The kids got out the bath crayons last night, so this morning I showered surrounded by rainbows, trees and puppies

I Wanna Sister

My daughter was so disappointed when we found out the baby in my belly was not a girl, that she refused to tell anyone in hopes that it might change.

The Sign Says

Took my daughter to the zoo the other day, and she pointed out EVERY sign that said keep off the fence. There were about 100 signs!

Vamp Mommy

Daughter: Do you want blood?
Mom: Why?
Daughter: Just... do you want blood?
Mom: Not particularly.
Daughter: I'm just checking to see if you're a vampire.

Hungry Mommy

After waiting far too long past lunch at the doctor's office, my little girl hears my tummy grumbling, and says "Look, you're hungry and I'm tired, let's just get dressed and get out of here!"

Nap Boycott

Mom: If you don't lay down and take a nap then we won't go to the pumpkin patch today.
Daughter: Well then I guess we aren't decorating the house for Halloween!

I wish I was making this stuff up!

Dads Man Hands

My little girl and her friends were giggling about their newly painted nails, so I jumped right in to tease them and said OH look at MY painted nails too! They all jumped back and said EWWW your fingers are all hairy!